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Edward Goodfellow’s book 7 Steps to A Better Portfolio is available at the following locations:

Bolen Books - https://bolenbooks.com/

Bolen Books is located in Victoria's Hillside Mall - featuring an independent storefront and two mall entrances.

Russell Books - https://www.russellbooks.com/

Russell Books Ltd. is a third generation, family-owned company founded 1961. It has grown to become Canada’s largest independent bookstore and is proud to support local authors and the Victoria literary community.

Friesen Press - https://books.friesenpress.com/store/title/119734000255529587

Friesen Press is Edward’s publisher and is a Canadian company - one of the only assisted self-publishing companies in the industry with its own direct-to-reader bookstore. 7 Steps is available in ebook, softcover and hardcover formats.


If you are a current client of Edward, please contact Edward by email or phone for your free copy.

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