NEW - 7 Steps to A Better Portfolio

7 Steps

Will help a lot of investors make better investment decisions.

I wrote 7 Steps to a Better Portfolio for you, the average long-term investor, to help identify, evaluate, and deal with critical investment issues. Whether you invest independently or alongside your advisor, 7 Steps is an investment framework to help facilitate better decision-making along your investment journey, reduce investment stress, and improve your odds of long-term investment success.

We are all looking for an answer. Lose weight, be happier, get a promotion at work, become a better parent, get the most out of life. We are all seeking a solution or direction, on how to make something better.

Investing is no different.

To some, investing solutions may be about timing markets, picking stocks, or finding the next Apple or Warren Buffett. In his role as an investment advisor. and in his book 7 Steps to A Better Portfolio, Edward Goodfellow takes a different approach and focuses on creating a portfolio process and structure to improve the odds of long-term investment success.

Investing is a series of decisions around risk, return, time, and odds.
7 Steps

is the framework that guides the decision-making process. Get the steps working for you today!

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Edward Goodfellow CFA, CPA, CA, CFP

Praise for 7 Steps to A Better Portfolio

"7 Steps to a Better Portfolio" by Edward James Goodfellow is a valuable guide for anyone seeking to improve their investment strategies and make informed decisions in the world of finance. Goodfellow's book addresses the fundamental desire that many of us share: the quest for improvement and betterment, whether it's in our personal lives or, in this case, our investment portfolios. The author acknowledges that while some investors may focus...

Booksforbadal_l (Barnes and Noble reviewer)

Goodfellow's book explores important investment variables that you can control to better navigate the unpredictable aspects of investing."7 Steps" is not only a guide to improving your investment strategy but also a framework for developing emotional resilience, forward thinking, and confidence in the uncertain world of investing.If you're seeking to take control of your financial future and make more informed investment decisions, this book...

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